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Els Pinetons P0 - P1 - P2

Els Pinetons

Els Pinetons is the nursery of the Montcau - La Mola school. Opened in 1999, it has a consolidated and reference track record. Els Pinetons has facilities and innovative skills to carry out the global and integral task of development that is proposed.

The kindergarten is located next to the Sant Llorenç del Munt mountain, at Matadepera. This natual and privileged environment brings us values in our day to day life. The direct contact towards nature, makes them love it from the first day.


A healthy, friendly and family atmosphere in the countryside

The Nursery is located at the foot of the massif of Sant Llorenç, Matadepera. This privileged and healthy environment makes us learn to love nature. Natural light, open spaces, classrooms, changers, cleaning areas... everything responds to the needs of an ideal nursery.

A comprehensive, dynamic and active educational project

Els Pinetons promotes the exploration capacity of children, as well as their curiosity, also to achieve a certain autonomy and makes feel the children confident and loved. Our educational project is about a combination of several pedagogical lines.

The teachers' team of Els Pinetons groups educators and psychopedagogues, who believe in continuous training to discover and learn everything that we will apply with children.

Significant and functional learning is the way to achieve the development of the child as a free and independent person. We are aware that at this age it is through games that boys and girls achieve the vast majority of learnings and that we must also look after their emotional education.

The proposed activities will be based on experimentation and manipulation, as it is the way by which they learn and begin to understand the world around them.

  • Let's take care to provide a proper affective environment.
  • We care about hygiene and health surveillance.
  • Let's look at a correct acquisition of habits.
  • We promote each and every one of the mental and physical capacities in all areas.



Our methodology focuses on the design of a careful programming for each age, with constant search for the development of language and the use of the didactic game, free and directed, as a learning tool in the environment of the sensory education, psychomotricity, habits, plastic expression, reading, writing and musical and dynamic expression.

We promote the learning of English through daily life in the classroom.



To fully consolidate our model, it is necessary for parents to participate and feel close and integrated into the educational project. That is why we strengthen the links between school and families, through direct contact with the team, parents' meetings, and the daily agenda. It is also important for us to communicate with new tools such as the web page, intranet, email, or social networks.


The children of Els Pinetons can come to school with coaches from the center. They will sit in their chair and be attended by a monitor.



We offer an hour of weekly swimming, during school hours and in the indoor pool of our center. This activity, which starts in October and lasts throughout the course, aims to make children know this way, and getting in touch with one of the most complete sports .

We also have the Family Swimming project in which the parents spend time of swimming with their children.

The continuation of schooling is offered at Montcau - La Mola


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Private School with State Assistance for some levels

Escoles Montcau - La Mola i Els Pinetons
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