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How do we work the natural and social environment assignments?


The privileged environment of the school, in direct contact with nature, makes the natural, social and cultural assignments very important in the day to day of the students in our school!

From the stage of preschool to high school with the BTEC programs, in a transversal and vivid way, the students live and learn in contact with nature and the environment.

Since childhood, at the stage of preschool, we encourage observation, research, question-making and hypothesis from the laboratory space. It is a space where we offer different proposals in three corners that vary by monthly.

In the primary stage, English is started to be taught in the area of the natural environment. Learning is done in a vivid way, encouraging curiosity and the search for information through documented projects, both physically and digitally.

In the secondary school stage, the learning of the natural, social and cultural environment is divided into several subjects, such as science, technology, social,... some of which are taught in English. Each of these subjects has specific spaces where the contents worked are experimented.

The baccalaureate stage focuses on the preparation of students with a view to accessing higher education, and the acquisition of more specific knowledge. In addition, the students are part of the BTEC project, which offers specialization in an area in English, and with the acquisition of a European degree equivalent to professional training.



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