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Halloween in Montcau - La Mola


Halloween is a very old tradition that started as a harvest festival.  Here, in Montcau la Mola we have been celebrating it for more than a decade.
As every single year, our children make their terrific Jack-O'lanterns. They spend a lot of hours carving, painting and accesorising their pumpkins. Their imagination has no limits and so the final result is spookystacular!!
Then, we have our big brothers and sisters frightful afternoon. The day before Halloween our big brothers and sisters gather together with their little ones to celebrate Halloween in unison. This year we are sharing spooky Halloween poems and songs. Booo!
And for the grand finale, here comes our Halloween parade! That day the school is filled with ghosts, skeletons, witches, vampires and other creepy creatures and we have a "scary time" together! 
All in all, Halloween is a great chilling holiday in our school. It is all about English and fangs!!


Here you can find the Jack-O'lanterns video.

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